Alexander 兹韦列夫 settles bitter dispute with his agent in a London court


German tennis star Alexander 兹韦列夫 has reached a settlement after being embroiled in a dispute with a London-based sports management company which began representing him when he was a teenager, a judge has been told.

兹韦列夫, 23, had sued ACE Group International ad his former agent Patricio Apey and made a claim of “unlawful restraint of trade”, but ACE disputed his claim.

Judge Andrew Hochhauser was due to begin considering evidence at a High Court trial in London on Thursday, but barrister Anya Proops QC, leading 兹韦列夫’s legal team, told him a settlement had been reached.


Ms Proops said 兹韦列夫 had tried to terminate the relationship, but ACE had denied his “right to do so”, saying the contract was not in restraint of trade.

The judge had been told that 兹韦列夫, currently ranked seventh in the world, had entered into a representation agreement with Ace in 2012, when he was 15.

Speaking outside the London courtroom, 兹韦列夫 suggested he and his tennis playing brother Mischa wanted to learn from the experience to help young players ensure they did not get caught up in similar disputes with agents.

“I’我已经与Mischa讨论了一段时间,我们希望对下一代有所帮助,” said 兹韦列夫. “年幼的孩子的父母为他们提供有关如何与管理层合作以及建立管理协议的建议。在经理可以利用之前要当心。




兹韦列夫’的律师Mark Stephens将合同描述为‘繁重且无法执行’ as he stated. “此案向所有各地的年轻体育运动者发出了有益的警告,提醒他们在签订繁重的合同之前寻求明智的专业建议,而这些合同可能很昂贵。”

ACE Group的声明如下:“令人遗憾的是,持续了这么长时间的成功合作伙伴关系以这种方式结束了,不幸的是,许多由ACE担保的交易都没有到位。

“ACE Group and in particular, Patricio Apey, is proud to have helped nurture and initially finance Alexander 兹韦列夫’在825岁的世界网球生涯中,他为球员商讨了许多有利可图的商业交易。我们祝他今后一切顺利。”

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